Rizio's Story

Rizios restaurant opened its doors on November 17, 2012 concluding this way a vision forged by Cesar Valverde some years ago in his native Peru.

Cesar Valverde's culinarea adventure has its origins in the Andes of Peru. The food tour through the Andean region put him in touch with Andean dishes prepared mostly with quinoa and trigo .this experience expanded his knowledge and will play an important role later on

In 1996 Cesar inaugurates its first restaurant in the city of Lima, PerĂº. Cesar will use the background and knowledge for his future plans.

Thus, Cesar Valverde, his wife Beatrice and their children decide to emigrate to Miami.Once established in Miami, Mauricio, eldest son of Cesar, decided to study culinary arts at Miami Culinary Institute where he learns varieties of international food and begins to merge Peruvian food.

The skill and passion of Mauricio in his new endeavor leads to the realization of an old vision of Cesar, to share with the world the Peruvian food,especially the Andean's Peruvian food dishes mainly prepared with quinuoa and trigo.Rizios Peruvian Cuisine restaurant is further evidence that the perseverance and preparation can reach your goals.